Tuesday, July 29, 2008

IDP Announces The Release Of Its Latest Internet Security Offering

Baltimore, MD (07-29-08) - IDP, LLC, a local Internet security consulting firm, has announced the release of its latest vulnerability assessment and penetration testing offering.

Built with commercial, open source and custom developed software modules; this comprehensive enterprise offering is ideally suited for every business who wants to ensure there are no external or internal vulnerabilities in their networks that could be exploited by malicious attackers.

Hackers and malicious insiders are an undeniable threat to your organization's network. They have sophisticated tools and backdoor programs at their disposal with which to steal information, perform unlawful or unauthorized activities, and cover their tracks. Security professionals charged with protecting their organizations can become overwhelmed in developing specialty applications to combat these threats.

The unfortunate reality is that all networks are constantly being probed and scanned for "open doors", poorly configured perimeter and internal hosts, weak passwords and authentication, software bugs and application design flaws.

"Every day businesses who believe they are not attractive targets or who think they are secure are spending untold amounts of money remediating previously unidentified vulnerabilities", says Jerry Tabeling, President of IDP. The investment to identify and correct problems before they are exploited is just a fraction of the monetary, good will and business losses an attacker can bring about.

IDP is currently offering a no cost, no obligation consultation to assist businesses quantify their risk tolerance and develop an ROI for the company's stakeholders. For more information contact Jerry Tabeling or visit http://www.idpnow.net.

About IDP:
IDP specializes in assisting businesses assess vulnerabilities in their networks, identify intrusions and implement remediation solutions to prevent intrusions in the future.

Jerry Tabeling, President

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